During the summer of 2008, my partner was going through a health crisis and battling a rare auto-immune disease that affected his vocal cords. It was during that same time a litter of four kittens were born in our garage. We found safe homes for the mother and two of the kittens, but decided to keep the remaining two newborns in our home. These two kittens helped my partner and I direct our attention off a stressful time. My partner had lost his voice, lost tremendous weight, and was suffering every day. As a nurse, I felt helpless as I witnessed my partner go to and from doctor visits, tests, and procedures. I’m used to caring for so many people every single day, but it was an entirely different, far more emotional experience caring for my partner. In this challenging time, these two little kittens we adopted into our family brought us joy, laughter, and unconditional love, everything we needed for the moment.

Years later, my partner has gone on to continue his education and receive his master’s degree, while becoming more involved in volunteering, non-profit work, and the community. He overcame so many challenges. His voice has returned, and he’s using his voice now to make a difference through his work in the community. Those two kittens are now all grown up, too. Our two cats are true angels that came to us during a much-needed time in our lives. They still bring us joy, laughter and unconditional love.

My partner and my cats are the reason and inspiration for the Kitty Cabaret Fundraiser. I wanted to organize and create a fundraiser that incorporates some of my interests and loves while finding a way to give back to animal rescue non-profits that help so many cats and dogs. Through the power of voice and song, the Kitty Cabaret is a way to give back to those animals in need so that maybe one day they can touch the life of a person as much as my pets have touched my life.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Kitty Cabaret!

Douglas Lowe



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